About Click2drive

Look at what we offer

  • In house leasing facilities
  • Quality assured motor vehicles
  • LC facilities to import vehicles
  • Import facilities for permitholders
  • Shipping
  • Custom Clearance
  • Insurance
  • RMV & all other facilities under one roof.

Sampath Leasing & Factoring Ltd which is a fully own subsidiary of Sampath Bank PLC has taken a bold step in importing motor vehicles and assisting in selling & purchasing used motor vehicles directly from the country of origin/manufacturer/seller/buyer.

This business model eliminates all intermediaries, and the substantial reduction in the price due the above will be passed down to the customer/end user.

To facilitate this requirement the organization has developed a unique web portal to sell or buy a motor vehicle the fast way without any hassle through click2drive.lk

The virtual auction car sale has vast range of brand new, unregistered & registered vehicles from all across the world and from sunny Sri Lanka to your doorstep for the lowest of the lowest prices in the Island in just a click.

Click2Drive Process

Click2drive process